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U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Proxy Director of Bethel 26, announced that New York City and Ohio, respectively, as confirmed cases and one case of 8 Swine flu Patients, the pigs in the United States Influenza The total number of patients has reached 20. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano announced the same day, the United States into the public health emergency.

At the same time, Canada’s eastern and western Nova Scotia, British Columbia were also confirmed in four cases and two cases of swine flu.

Day before, Gibbs said the White House spokesman, had just returned from Mexico with President Obama “good health”, without any symptoms of swine flu. It is reported that Obama’s visit to Mexico this month during the anthropologist Felipe in Mexico? Solis, visited the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. Just a week later, the expert on sudden death, followed by news that the man died of “flu”, a statement that the United States of “serious concern.”

Bethel in the White House press briefing that the U.S. distribution of swine influenza patients are: California, 7 cases, 2 cases in Kansas and New York City, 8 cases, 1 case of Ohio, Texas, 2 cases . He said that although the United States and Mexico were infected with the influenza virus strains of the same pigs, but surprisingly, the United States are relatively mild condition of the patient, but there are people killed in Mexico. With the screening of the depth, the United States may find more of the virus.

The same day, Canada Nova Scotia public health department officials said the province’s four cases of confirmed cases from the same private school students, these students, aged between 12 and 18 years old, had first arrived in April of this year Mexico travel. It is reported that the swine influenza infection less severe, are recovering. Since the recent outbreak of swine flu epidemic in Mexico has been across Canada have taken a variety of early warning measures. Canada’s Foreign Ministry said that the Canadian government has formed an emergency response to the Commission, pay close attention to the latest outbreak of swine flu.

Southern neighbor the United States, Mexico is now the swine flu epidemic in the hardest hit. Mexico Ministry of Health’s latest epidemic report, Mexico has 81 suspected patients died of swine flu, since the April 13 first case of human infection with swine influenza cases to 25 major hospitals of Mexico has received a total of 1324 suspected cases of people. The last 24 hours, only the capital Mexico City alone there are five dead pigs suspected influenza patients (the total number of deaths rose to 15). https://lawyers.justia.com/lawyer/heather-dickerson-1586061

Mexico City mayor suggested that local residents not to enter the Chapultepec Park and San Juan Park two normal people are used to walking a large leisure park, to reduce the possibility of cross infection. He said the city decided to suspend the temporary capital of the Supreme Court and the tribunal’s activities, since April 27 to May 6, the city has the legal proceedings in civil and commercial trial will be suspended, only to keep criminal activities. The official also appealed to the public, the event of a flu signs and symptoms should seek medical care immediately.

New York City confirmed eight new infections were in Queens, a private middle school students. Over the past few days, which more than 100 high school students travel to Mexico after the city of Cancun Resort fever, sore throat and other symptoms, including 8 suffering from Type A influenza, the U.S. CDC to their virus samples to test confirm that they have been infected. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that relevant departments on more samples are tested to determine if more students infected with the swine flu.

With the swine flu outbreak, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced the United States into 26 public health emergency. It is learned that this is a response to such incidents “standard procedures”, the president took office in January, and a few months ago during the Minnesota, North Dakota, during the floods, authorities have declared a state of emergency. The future, from the swine flu has been found in patients with regional visitors may be asking health, suspected symptoms of swine flu appeared visitors will be isolated.

Concerned that the swine flu outbreak in the United States will not restrict entry of foreign tourists, but some visitors may be asked to undergo the relevant tests.